Maciej Robakiewicz

Curriculum Vitae


BORN: 18.06.1959 in Warsaw

GRADUATE: Film, Television and Theatre Academy of Lodz (1981-1985)

LANGUAGUES: Polish, English ? fluent and some German, Italian, French, Russian

AGE RANGE: 40 ? 50

SKILLS ride horses, fencing, driving, swimming


2008 - ?PAOLO VI? regia Fabrizio Costa, ruolo Carol Wojtyla

2009 - ?DISTRETTO DI POLIZIA 9? regia Alberto Ferrari, ruolo Alexsei


?Karol Wojtyla?- directed by Fabrizio Costa (2008)

?Extranjera? ? directed by Ines de Oliveira Cezar, one of the leading parts (Achilles), Argentina (2006

? October)

?Kopciuszek?? tv series (2006)

?Kryminalni? ? tv series (2006)

?Klan? ? tv series (2006)

?Pensjonat pod roza? ? tv series (2006)

?Na dobre i na zle? ? tv series (2006)

?Molly?s way? ? Emily Atef, supporting part in English, (Szymon) 2005

?Arial coupe? ? (2005), episode, USA

?Pierwsza milosc? (2004 ? 2006) leading part

?Psie serce? (2004)- leading part

?Na dobre i na zle? (2003), supporting part

?Plebania? supporting part,2002

?Samo zycie?-supporting part, in production(2002)

?Sfora?- supporting part, in production (2002)

?Marzenia do spelnienia?- episode - tv series (2002)

?Adam i Ewa?- episode-tv series (2001)

?Na dobre i na zle?-episode - tv series (2001)

?Czulosc i klamstwa?-supporting part-tv series (2000)

?Ekstradycja IV?- episode - tv series-(1999)

?Cudze szczescie? Germany-Poland (1998)

(leading part)

?Deceptive charm? - directed by Krzysztof Zanussi

(leading part), Poland (1996)

?Een zwarte Pool? (?Unlegal Polish?) - directed by

(leading, titled part), Holland (1993)

?Hello, I am here!? - directed by Zofia Oldak

(leading part), Poland (1992)

?Un altra vita? - directed by Carlo Mazzacuratti

(episode), Italy (1991)

?The tribune of romantics? - directed by Jerzy Sztwiertnia

(leading part), Poland (1991)

?The borderland in fire? - directed by Andrzej Konic

(TV series - leading part in two episodes), Poland (1991)

?The last ferry? - directed by Waldemar Krzystek

(supporting part), Poland (1991)

?Eminent domain? - (episode with Donald Suterland), USA (1990)

?Wherever you are...if you are? - directed by Krzysztof Zanussi (supporting part, with Julian Sands

and Renee Soutendijk),

USA-Germany-Poland (1989)

?Men?s affairs? - directed by Jan Kidawa-Blonski

(leading part), Poland (1989)

?Upstairs, downstairs...? - directed by Andrzej Domalik

(leading part), Poland (1989)

?The guest?s risk? - directed by Gabor Varkonyi

(supporting part), Hungary (1986)

?The Contract? - directed by Krzysztof Zanussi

(supporting part, with Leslie Caron), Poland (1980)


?Spring waters? (I. Turgenew) - directed by Andrzej Maj (part of Dymitr Sanin)

?Diary of Anna Frank (A. Frank) - directed by

Barbara Borys-Damięcka (part of Peter van Daan)

and many others, including poetry shows, children?s plays etc.

?Sessions of casting? Krzysztof Zanussi 2002,

supporting part,dir by K.Zanussi


?Metro? (musical) - directed by Janusz Józefowicz (2006)

?Platonov? (A. Czechow) - directed by Maciej Prus

(part of Platonov), Studyjny Theatre in Lodz

?The public? (G.G. Lorca) - directed by Pawel Nowicki

(part of Julia), Studyjny Theatre in Lodz,

?Dr Johann Faust? (anonymous)

?Edward II? (Ch. Marlowe) - directed by Maciej Prus

(part of Gaston - Edward III), Nowy Theatre in Warsaw

?Wesele? (St. Wyspiański) - directed by Adam

Hanuszkiewicz (part of Pan Mlody), Nowy Theatre in Warsaw

?Wyzwolenie? (St. Wyspiański) - directed by Adam Hanuszkiewicz

(part of Konrad), Nowy Theatre in Warsaw

?Mein kampf? (G. Tabori) - directed by Andrzej

Staszczyk (part of Slomo Herz), Za Daleki Theatre in Warsaw

?Boys in the band? (M. Crowley) - directed by

Romuald Szejd (part of Donald)

Dramatyczny Theatre and Studio Buffo Theatre in Warsaw

Scena Prezentacje Theatre ? ?She was a women of

my life...? J. Balasco, dir. R. Szejd

?Krag personalny 3:1? Lars Noren